Cellulite Reduction: how to find the right treatment for you

cellulite treatment and reduction

All women who have cellulite seek solutions for cellulite reduction, products that are designed to diminish and fight cellulite fly onto the shelves by the hundreds, every year.  There is cellulite detox drinks designed to help melt stubborn fat, and workout videos directed at only for cellulite weight loss.  cellulite reduction

With  several products available on the market designed to rid you of your unsightly cellulite, it’s hard to know which products work and which ones are just a waste of money.   These products are sold in oil, pill or cream form and they cannot provide permanent relief from cellulite and can only, at best, temporarily diminish the appearance. If you’re someone that has tried several of these products and are looking for new solutions for cellulite, here we talk about the most common and popular procedures available.

Cellulite Reduction: home remedies

Some home remedies can help with cellulite reduction. Daily massages with oils such as coconut and juniper can help to promote circulation and tighten skin.  Daily exfoliating when in the shower can also help with circulation and can give your skin a smoother look. Applying coffee grounds to your thighs and wrapping them in plastic wrap can be a safe and effective cellulite reduction method temporarily. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a diuretic and removes the moisture from the skin, leaving your skin looking softer and your cellulite diminished.  cellulite reduction

Cellulite Reduction:  taking it a step further

If you’ve tried some of the home remedies before and didn’t feel like they did much for the appearance of your cellulite, you can also try mesotherapy injections. Mesotherapy is administered in a series of injections that contain a formula made up of pharmaceuticals, natural extracts and vitamins.  This formula is said to destroy the cells in the body, releasing the fat so that it is excreted naturally from the body, no longer caught in fibrous tissues and forming the lumpy appearance of cellulite.  This is said to be a temporary solution for getting rid of cellulite.

Ultrasound cellulite therapy is said to be one of the least invasive methods, The laser is used to soften the areas affected with cellulite, and is commonly used in conjunction with Endermologie rollers that can break up the fat cells easier after an ultrasound laser therapy treatment.  This treatment provides some results but is also a temporary cellulite treatment.

Physicians aren’t certain as to what exactly causes cellulite, some say it has to do with genetics, or hormones and it seems that for most women, while it’s almost impossible to find a permanent cellulite removal procedure, there are procedures available that will temporarily reduce the look of your cellulite.

Cellulite Reduction: diet and exercise can help

Diet and exercise are a free and healthy way for cellulite reduction. While you won’t see your cellulite drastically melt away, your cellulite will be diminished in appearance.  By exercising you will strengthen and sculpt your muscles, giving your skin a firmer look and making your cellulite not so noticeable.  Eating right will also help you to lose weight which will also help the appearance of cellulite.

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