Cellulite Removal: The alternatives

cellulite treatment and reduction

There are various cellulite removal procedures that can be done for those individuals that don’t have success with cellulite creams or by changing their diet and exercise. Here we will discuss a few of these options to give you a better idea of what alternatives are available.

Cellulite Removal:  popular treatments

Some physicians feel that Endermologie is an effective way to treat stubborn cellulite.  Endermologie is a cellulite removal procedure that uses steel rollers in conjunction with suction. The rollers are designed to help break apart fatty cells in problem areas and distribute it evenly with the help of the suction.  It’s also a good way to promote healthy blood flow. While patients have had success with this procedure, it is known to only be a temporary cellulite treatment.  cellulite removal

Mesotherapy may be another cellulite  procedure that can help to minimize the appearance of cellulite.  Mesotherapy consists of a series of injections filled with a formula that contains a mixture of pharmaceuticals, natural extracts, and several vitamins. The formula is designed to destroy the cells in the body, releasing the fat that’s trapped and giving you a smooth skin surface. The individual may need to have several series of Mesotherapy injections before a satisfactory result is present.  This will depend on the individual and the severity of their cellulite. Mesotherapy is considered as a temporary cellulite removal procedure.

It’s a popular belief that liposuction is the solution to cellulite, when in fact, this is not true, liposuction can actually make your cellulite worse. Liposuction is used for the removal of middle layer fat, while cellulite fatty cells are located near the surface.

A procedure that does work to remove cellulite is called cellulite lysing. This cellulite treatment is invasive and results in significant scarring. The surgery involves a cannula instrument as with liposuction, with a V shaped cutting edge attached to the end of the instrument, which is used to severe fibrous material. The releasing of the tissue causes the fat cells to fall downward, getting rid of the fat cells trapped in pockets and supplying you with smooth new skin.  Some experts feel that this is only temporary due to your body eventually absorbing the distributed fat.  cellulite removal

 Cellulite Removal: cellulite diet?

While exercise alone may not give you the optimum results, it’s said the detox cellulite removal diet can change things in big ways.  The cellulite diet consists of low fat foods, 2 liters of water throughout the day, and foods that are high in fiber. While the extra water can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, it won’t make it disappear forever. The diet can give your skin a tighter, firmer appearance which will help minimize your cellulite. Most diets will encourage you to increase your water intake and stick to foods that are low in fat; this is helpful to diminish cellulite and good for your overall health.

Cellulite removal:  the end result

While many of the cellulite removal procedures may not be permanent, they can temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite and get you feeling good about yourself again, the question is, how much do you want to go through for a treatment that is not guaranteed to be permanent?


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