Cellulite treatment: Find the best solution for your stage of cellulite

cellulite treatment and reduction

The cause of cellulite is still being debated by many studies, and while most women have cellulite on a portion of their bodies and feel helpless to remedy the situation, there are ways you can fight back by with a cellulite treatment. Before you decide which avenue to pursue, as far as defeating your cellulite, let’s first discuss what cellulite actually is and how it’s classified to be able to find the best cellulite treatment for you.

 Cellulite Treatment: How Cellulite is graded

Cellulite is composed of fatty deposits that lie just beneath your skin, causing a dimpled and lumpy appearance.  Cellulite is broken into four different types of classifications or stages.  The first stage of cellulite is when the individual has no noticeable dimpling of the skin until the pinch test is performed. The pinch test can be done by pinching a fatty area typically in the buttocks, thighs or abdomen region. If a dimpling of the skin occurs, this can qualify as stage one.

Stage two cellulite is defined by visible cellulite when standing, and a diminishing or disappearance of cellulite when lying down.

Stage three cellulite is where cellulite is seen when the individual is standing or lying down. The skin may have a fibrous feel to it, with the skin displaying a slightly swollen look.  Cellulite Treatment

Stage four is the worst stage, with the individual’s cellulite being very prominent, with cellulite being visible for a number of years and the skin having lost most of its firmness. Because water retention may also be part of the problem, stage four can sometimes be painful.

Cellulite Treatment: What are your options?

For cellulite stage one, eating right, exercising daily and self-massage is recommended as a cellulite treatment, in order to keep your cellulite from advancing onto the next stage.

A Dermasonic procedure can be used to treat stage two and three cellulite. This Dermasonic technology has been FDA approved as a safe technology a cellulite treatment.  Dermasonic combines two different technologies; the first being ultrasound, the second technology is NIST. The ultrasound works by shaking apart the fibrous connections between pockets of cellulite.  This treatment is followed by the NIST procedure. NIST employs a gentle sucking and vibrations that can further weaken the fibrous connections. This procedure is also able to provide better blood flow and lymphatic drainage to areas treated. The NIST procedure is said to feel similar to a massage and is relatively painless.

Cellulite Treatment

The Dermasonic process will usually last for a thirty minute period for each area affected with cellulite.  Some individuals may notice results after the first session, based on their stage of cellulite. Others may need to continue a weekly cellulite treatment up to a period of sixteen weeks, with follow-up treatments every six to eight weeks.Those with stages three and four cellulite will typically seek out surgical procedures for cellulite removal in hopes of getting rid of cellulite for good. While it’s a common thought that liposuction can rid your body of the troublesome cellulite, liposuction actually works to get rid of the fat that lies in the deeper layers of your skin, while cellulite resides in the layers just beneath the skin. It
may or may not help to temporarily diminish the appearance of Cellulite, it will not in fact cure you of it.

Cellulite treatment: with so many options, which one is right for you?

With so many different websites dedicated to cellulite and the battle to get rid of it, it can be frustrating to find the right information and know which avenue to pursue for  .  With that being said, it’s always wise to do your own research in order to find a cellulite treatment that best suits your cellulite stage. Whether it’s consulting a plastic surgeon to further research your options or trying out one of the new cellulite diminishing creams. You know your body best.

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