Cellulite treatment: the different types of cellulite

cellulite treatment and reduction

Cellulite is a term used to describe the lumpy dimpled appearance of skin that’s located primarily around the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. There are several options available these days to help fight cellulite and here we will learn that’s there’s a cellulite treatment available for everyone.

Cellulite Treatment: what are the different types of cellulite?

There are a few different types of cellulite that affect women, the first being soft cellulite. Soft cellulite is usually present in areas of the body that have a build-up of fat, this type of cellulite lies just beneath the first layer of skin. As you move, the soft cellulite will move with you. This type of cellulite usually increases with age or weight gain and is aggravated by lack of muscle tone.  Weight loss and eating a healthier diet can prove to be a safe and somewhat effective cellulite treatment.

Hard cellulite, also referred to as solid cellulite, is mostly found in the hips and upper thighs and lies deeper than soft cellulite. Hard cellulite is found attached to muscle and is usually found in younger or athletic women.  Cellulite Treatment

If you are suffering from either type of cellulite, there is a treatment available to help.

Cellulite Treatment: what works best?

For hard cellulite, it is recommended that women act immediately in hopes of greatly diminishing the appearance. This can include changes in diet, such as eating healthier, minimizing carb intake, eating more greens and adding an exercise routine daily.

Mesotherapy is also used to treat the appearance of hard Cellulite. Mesotherapy is a series of injections consisting of a combination of vitamins, natural extracts and chemicals that are designed to help the breakdown of cellulite. Mesotherapy is also used as a soft cellulite treatment.

Soft cellulite has several treatment options these days. Some people attempt a cellulite treatment at home by using practicing daily massages, or by using a cellulite cream, which can help to firm up the skin and provide cellulite reduction.  Another option available is Endermologie. With Endermologie rollers are used and give the same sensation to the user as a deep tissue massage. At the same time, suction is used to redistribute fatty cells and diminish the appearance of dimples or ripples in the skin, providing the patient with the appearance of smoother younger looking skin.

Lipposdissolve treatment is another treatment that involves a series of injections. These injections contain a formula that is largely based on soy. The soy in this formula acts by destroying the cell and releasing the fat within. An additional component in the Lippodissolve treatment called Deoxycholate causes the fat that has been released to dissolve, leaving behind a substance called emulsion, which is naturally cleansed from the body in a period of a few months.  Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment: The Results

Results from procedures such as Lipodissolve can be seen as quickly as a couple of weeks. With a cellulite treatment such as creams, the effect may be minimal but immediate and will wear off in a matter of hours, depending on the product you purchase. The cellulite treatment with diet and exercise can provide you with results over time, but may not entirely rid you of cellulite, however, the results with vary with the individual and may be significant enough as to be worth it.


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